Lampuuk beach, Coast Tourism In Banda Aceh

Beach which presents a variety of facilities such as rides and also a very beautiful view would be a very great place for a vacation. You should not miss sunbathing on the beach, learn to surf, dive, or even play banana boat. Looking from the activities just mentioned, you may remember Kuta beach in Bali. Oh no, you do not need to do in Bali. You can do it in Lampuuk beach located in Banda Aceh.Pantai has white sand and a lot of pine trees that adorn the coast line on the outside. Beach within 15-30 km from Banda Aceh is indeed a paradise at the end of Sumatra.

This beach is the beach which previously had died as a result of the 2004 tsunami. Prior to the earthquake and tsunami occurred, Lampuuk become one of the most favorite tourist attraction in Aceh. In addition to its many pine trees, views of the rugged coast wreck towering steep, many places to eat on the seafront and fresh fish vendors who are ready to burn and presents the fish for you. You can choose one of the hotels or resorts on the beach to stay, everything is classy and nice-nice.

After the tsunami, unfortunately, the entire resort devastated, lot of pine trees that fell did not withstand the power of waves, the beach becomes dead. A year after the death of Lampuuk beach, the government took over the management of the beach so again as usual. After nine years ago, has begun to re-crowded beaches and population Lampuuk previously traumatized and did not want to occupy or build a business on the beach re-excited dye the virgin beaches back. Various kinds of facilities rebuilt, you can enjoy banana boat and a wide range of water such as banana boat rides and a variety of boats for you to enjoy. In fact, you can visit the islands around Banda Aceh as Pulau Weh and other islands by ferry.

This beach extends from the west end to the south, very long. High waves on the beach you can use to surf. At least you can try and learn to surf equipment hire around the coast. The cliffs are located on one side of the beach has a challenging steepness. Often you can see several groups of nature lovers trying to climb the cliff. Do you know? You can join! Because Aceh is an area bergugus island groups, you'll find groups also in the sea coral. There is a wide variety of marine life choose different colors for foraging or even live in the coral Lampuuk. You can dive to join to enjoy the atmosphere of the underwater world that may not be replaced by other experiences. If you can not even fishing and sailing along with your colleagues. Of course you can rent fishing equipment and others in the local population, and you have to sail further into the middle to get a lot of fish. If you are lazy berkegiatan exhausting and adrenaline, you may be able to hunt very beautiful sunset. You who will watch the sun last shone on Indonesia because you are on the western end of Indonesia. You can perform the release of Olive Ridley turtles and leatherback hatchlings rare to ensure that sustainable underwater life thanks to the help of your hands.

You can stay at one resort or hotel that could cost you adjust the budget. There are many resorts or hotels that line around the coast. Do not forget to have dinner while enjoying the seafood locals available in kiosks along the beach. You can use labi-labi or some sort of public transportation department Banda Aceh-Lhoknga at an affordable price in a travel time of at least 35 minutes. If you bring a personal vehicle or hire a vehicle you can drive yourself in less than 20 minutes. You can also use a taxi available at a slightly higher price. Make sure you bring sunscreen lotion because no Lampuuk beach visitors are welcome to stay in the room when the sun is shining. Activity evenings you can design your own. Do not expect you can get a vibrant nightlife and diverse.

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